About us

Why content?

Because it works.

Modern consumers are increasingly media savvy and, as a result, traditional advertising and marketing is far less effective than it was in the past. People want to engage directly with the brands they use and trust. Above all, they crave knowledge that empowers them to make more informed choices on what products they choose. Content marketing allows this two way communication between brands and their audience.

 What we do

Content is at the heart of everything we do. We create and distribute engaging, relevant and informative content that enables a brand to start a conversation with its target audience.

We can produce quality editorial content for every digital medium – websites, blogs, e-newsletters, videos, white papers, e-books and more – but it doesn’t stand alone. It all forms part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, which also includes social media and analytics.

In contrast to traditional marketing strategies that aim to increase sales or awareness through interruption techniques, content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high quality and valuable information makes your customers more intelligent. As a result, they ultimately reward a brand with their business and loyalty.

We understand what is required to start a conversation between our clients and their customers. We work with them to develop a digital content strategy that will engage the target market and ultimately drive profitable consumer actions.

 Who we are

We’re Australia’s leading digital content marketing and creation agency.

After identifying a global shift away from traditional marketing and publishing mediums towards all things digital, CEO Craig Hodges established the Sydney-based company to focus solely on one thing – content.

When King Content was born in 2010, the media segment was a sea of mass media and marketing. Social media was burgeoning, TV and magazines were booming and the idea of owned content was unfamiliar.

We predicted that brands would soon require assets they developed and owned in order to engage directly with prospective customers via their own digital platforms. And we were right.

Today, King Content is working with some of the biggest brands in Australia, and some of the smallest too. We’re producing great content, developed by great writers and overseen by great editors.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. King Content was named the 2012 Content Marketing Agency of the Year, beating more than 60 entries from around the world.

We continue to lead the local marketplace with insights and learnings from the last two and a half years. We keep pushing the market because we love seeing our clients start conversations with their customers.

 Why choose us?

Our editorial team is the heart of the company. While other agencies may deliver content, it’s not their top priority.

Our focus is developing great content for our clients that allows customers to start conversations with their brand.

With backgrounds spanning custom publishing, print and digital media, advertising, public relations, communications, sales, search and analytics, our team brings an unrivalled wealth and breadth of experience and skills to every project.