Behind the Scenes AMEX – Robin James Patrick (Day 1 CMW Sydney)

Speaker day one, Content Marketing World Sydney

Don’t be fooled by thinking big businesses have lots of money to throw around – it’s not always the case! Big businesses face the same digital challenges that many others do – just add more people, more opinions and more influencers.

So how does AMEX approach digital strategy with a huge amount of top-tier marketers across several regions? They simply try it, test it and change if needed.


Kye Mackey: Open Forum is a place for a community to share ideas. It delivers content across a broad range of topics and uses a variety of content styles to continually engage. The process was to innovate, create momentum and refine as they go. Open Forum admitted that they were happy with simply starting with the basics and taking it from there. They admitted that this approach makes some marketers feel uncomfortable but it’s an ever-changing learning process not a one-off campaign.

Tracy Fitzgerald: AMEX weren’t afraid to make mistakes, which is unusual for a financial institution. Even when caught short on social media (after posting an images their readers responded negatively too) then moved on, learned from it and used it as a tool for internal training and presentations.


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