Business Models of Content – Vanessa Stoykov (Day 2 CMW Sydney)

Speaker day two, Content Marketing World Sydney.

“Leading edge is bleeding edge – we bled a lot but we learned a lot.”

Creating content for the finance industry, Evolution Media started out by developing a TV platform and producing video. Realising this model was rewarding but expensive, they branched out into newsletters and other channels (both online and offline) to try and reach a critical mass audience.


Evolution has created live events and brought financial people together to create an experience and a ‘learning model’. This indicates that in a highly competitive industry, content needs to be so much more that just a video – it needs to be an experience.

Evolution was faced with the need to create ‘Youtility’ (see Jay Baer’s talk here). When applied to the financial industry, ‘Youtility’ was found in education. Financial professionals can watch their videos and gain points/rewards and eventually qualifications.

Is there something to be said for releasing your content elsewhere and not being too protective over ownership? Evolution has seen success through distribution deals with the likes of newsstand magazines, emails, web platforms, social media and other commercial shows. Drawing in a big audience is essential for driving an end result and meeting financial targets. So are there ways businesses can amplify what they have by tapping into partners?


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