Insights into Youtility – Jay Baer (Day 1 CMW Sydney)

Speaker day one, Content Marketing World Sydney.

Jay Baer followed Joe with some interesting insights into ‘Youtility’ – and by this he means: ‘marketing that is so useful people would pay for it’.

He wasn’t suggesting we do this of course – Jay’s point is that what a business offers should be of such use to customer, that if they had to, they would pay for it.


Kye Mackey: There are 5 steps to creating Youtility:

1.     Discover customer needs (use search, social and surveys)
2.     Map needs to programs (how can you answer their needs?)
3.     Market your marketing (promote the content you create)
4.     Make Youtility a skill, not a job (everyone should take part)
5.     Make Youtility a process, not a project (needs will change – constantly)

Elmo Stoop:  Inbound marketing does not create demand it just fulfils it. It steps in when a consumer has already made the decision to buy. Youtility creates something that the consumer needs or finds useful. They may not be ready to buy but when they are, they will think of your business.

Tracy Fitzgerald: Youtility is required because personal and professional relationships have merged. Facebook, twitter, our emails etc. they all feed through a mix of business related information and personal information. Businesses are therefore competing in the personalsphere and against the attention of consumers’ friends and family.

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