Managing your content marketing blog

If you run an online business, or even use your business website to acquire new customers, you need to be utilising the power of a content marketing blog. While everyone thinks they can write – and nobody knows the ins and outs of your product or service better than you – there are a few key rules you need to adhere to when managing your content marketing blog and it’s strategy objectives.

Don’t plagiarise: This one should be a given, but countless websites still copy and publish content from other online sources verbatim in order to attract viewers. While the content may be great and the keywords are exactly what you are looking for, plagiarising content won’t do your site any favours – it will simply be ignored. Instead, aim to create unique content that is relevant to your business.

Turn negative feedback into a positive: You can’t expect every customer relationship to be perfect 100 per cent of the time, but you can manage negative feedback in such a way that it becomes a learning experience. If a customer has a problem and brings it up in a public forum (be it your blog, social media platform, etc.), don’t ignore it – and whatever you do, don’t attack them. Use negative feedback as a chance to encourage the customer to explain what went wrong and how you can overcome the problem amicably. Negative feedback can also be extremely helpful in locating flaws and improving your business as a whole.

 Integrate social media into your blogs: If you are keen to generate discussion on your blog, and rely on regular and new customers visiting your website for sales, you need to be combining your marketing resources for maximum payoff. With a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. button at the bottom of your blogs, you can not only increase the reach of your business, you can also track how your content is being shared. Just do a quick Google search of how to integrate social media buttons into your blog and you’ll be on your way.

Keep writing: This is perhaps the most important tip because, without content, you don’t have a blog. And without a blog, you’ll start to see your site slip down the search rankings. Whether you need a content calendar to remind you to publish a new blog, or you prefer to bash out an article or two every once in a while, don’t ever stop writing. As Bryan Kramer says, “90 per cent complete is 100 per cent worthless – engagement with your audience should never stop.”

Simon Jones – Sub-editor


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