The ultimate guide to Content Marketing Measurement (ROI) – Jay Baer (Day 1 CMW Sydney)

Speaker day one, Content Marketing World Sydney.

In this talk, digital marketing strategist and author Jay Baer discussed why you should be turning your content process upside down. His advice is to worry less about what content you can create and which stories you can tell, and worry more about how you want to turn content consumption into leads, sales and advocacy.


Kye Mackey: ‘Content supports marketing supports business’. What does this mean? It means that content needs to answer to your business’ objectives first. Measuring these objectives is fundamental to getting internal buy in.

Four methods for measuring content methods

1.     Consumption metrics – how many people viewed, downloaded or listened to your content?

2.     Sharing metrics – how often do consumers of your content share it with others?

3.     Lead generation metrics – how often do content consumers turn into leads?

4.      Sales metrics – did we actually make any money out of this content?

Jay Baer

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