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Branded content lessons from the royal family

It got me thinking about the best, most prolific users of branded content, and I wasn’t thinking about big brands like Nike and Apple. I was thinking of the Royal Family.

7 lessons from over 2 years of guest blogging

From my experience guest blogging in the past two years and writing around 2,000 guest posts for myself and my clients, here are 7 guest blogging lessons I’ve learned.

Cultivating your online community

You want to build your online community, but aren’t sure how. Before you abandon your community as a lost cause or Google ‘How to make a viral video’, check out the following tips on how to cultivate a meaningful online community for your brand.

6 tips on marketing your online content

There are many ways of doing content marketing but not all methods yield the positive results! Here are six tips to get you started on marketing your own content.

The best branded content of the week: November 24, 2012

Many companies are embracing branded content this year and taking a less pushy approach to their marketing. Here are the brands who produced the best branded content of the week.

5 big brands confirm that content marketing is the key to your consumer

2012 has been the year of growth for content marketing. Brands have begun to embrace the discipline as a vital part of their overall strategy.

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