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King Content- The week in content marketing - Top content marketing articles There’s no need to hunt all over the web for the best content marketing articles and advice.

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Why content marketing goes rogue and how to rein it in
Has your content marketing gone rogue? Find out how content marketing can be rogue and how to rein it in with a dedicated content strategy.

Explaining the value of content to marketing dinosaurs
How do you convince a marketing dinosaur to pull their head out of the primordial quicksand and embrace content? Follow this advice.

Big Data and marketing: A confused relationship?
Big Data. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but few can explain how and why Big Data can be incorporated into the marketing mix. Here’s what you need to know.

Finding your brand’s story
Content marketing is about telling a story. You can optimise and amplify all you want, but without a story at its heart, any content marketing effort will fail.

16 ways to improve your content marketing strategy
Helpful tips and tricks for engaging both humans and robots with your content marketing.

Why tone of voice counts in content marketing 
Who specifically are you selling to and why? Rather than thinking of your customers as every Tom, Dick and Harry, give them a voice then figure out how you are going to respond to that voice.

 Jay Baer discusses content marketing and Youtility
Youtility- it’s the new marketing concept on everyone’s lips…but what exactly is it? In this post we interview Jay Baer, author of the best-selling book Youtility, and discuss how this concept should be applied to your content marketing strategy.

Great content marketing from financial services firms: Examples and challenges
Mitch Joel from Twist Image joined Joe Pulizzi during a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat to discuss content marketing in the financial services industry.

#CMWorld Twitter Chat with Mitch Joel on Financial Content Marketing from Content Marketing Institute



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