What’s new in mobile content?

Nexus, iPad mini, the ongoing war between Apple and everyone else – the world of mobile technology seems to have engulfed the Western world, and now is the time to use that power to increase your brand awareness. There are so many new products and tools in mobile content today, but here are three of the most exciting:

Facebook mobile share button (finally) arrives

Facebook and sharing go hand in hand, so it’s almost unfathomable to consider that, until this month, mobile Facebook users couldn’t share content with their friends in the same way they could on the regular desktop version of the social media platform. FB mobile has long been the butt of app developer jokes for its constant bugs and incredibly slow interface, but the fact that it took this long for Team Zuckerberg to incorporate such a socially profitable function as the share button is absolutely insane. Thankfully they wised up and your business can now reap the benefits of the FB mobile share function.

Nexus sells out in less than an hour

Smartphones are yet another reason why competition is good. Despite a certain litigious fruit-based company’s constant whining that other companies are stealing their technologies, companies like HTC, Samsung and Sony have been reaping the benefits of an increased consumer love affair with the latest handheld devices. Content is reaching the individual faster than ever before thanks to mobile, and the fact that Google’s latest Nexus sold out in under an hour is a testament to how important it is for every business owner to have a mobile-optimised site these days.

Aussie QR Christmas codes

The final piece of mobile content news comes from right here in Australia. To get into the spirit of Christmas, the City of Melbourne has decided to base its holiday marketing campaign around those instantly recognisable stamps known as QR codes. Numerous businesses who are participating in the campaign will be able to be found by consumers through scannable QR codes. The unique aspect of this, however, is that the codes are stamped onto massive Christmas present boxes scattered throughout the city. Once a mobile user scans the code, they will be directed to that particular business’s website, increasing traffic and brand awareness with the touch of a button.

How is your business taking advantage of the mobile phenomenon?

Simon Jones – Sub-editor


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