Analytics at King Content

If content is king, data is certainly the queen.

The conversations we create are now more measureable than ever. Whether your goal is to increase engagement or drive sales, we create conversations to drive consumers to better understand your product. The proof is in the data.

The conversation we create together is now across your brand pages. Social networks, customer reviews and customers have the ability to rank every part of the brand experience.

Our team at King Content measures the conversation in every way.

  1. How the consumer engaged with the content
  2. How social the conversation was
  3. How many sales we helped drive

Process to measurement

The data we receive also enables us to help optimise each article and provide our editors with recommendations on keywords that consumers will be interested in to help increase the popularity of each conversation.

Keyword recommendation

Social benefits

Our content intelligence tool measures the impact of how social works to improve an article’s reach and therefore potential sales.

740% lift in news content when shared socially vs. when not

311% lift in evergreen content when shared socially vs. when not


Image benefits

94% increase in total views if article contained relevant photograph or infographic when compared to articles without an image in same category

Google and Facebook features content with images

Increase in views when article included an image

As brands become publishers, we are seeing the measurement of content become an integral part of our clients’ business KPIs. No longer are marketers in a pure paid media environment. The consumer wants to know the brand better and understand what they are buying. The brand is becoming the publisher and quality content is driving the success of the brands becoming that.

Search and content

A well-written article is becoming one of the most important assets to a brand.  No longer can we rely on traditional SEO tactics for search. Google has long had a strategy for tactics that go beyond the written article.  In September 2012, we saw Google announce and implement Google Exact Domain penalty.  Sites that have over-optimised their content are potentially being penalised, and the graph below illustrates this.

Exact Match Domain influence

The recommendation is obvious: keep your content fresh and relevant and Google will continue to help your brand succeed.

Actionable analytics

We provide clients with customised reports on a weekly basis.

The focus is on actionable analytics for clients and we focus on:

  • Engagement
  • Sales
  • Traffic/views
  • Rankings in search engines
  • Keyword optimisation by article written
  • Increase in referral traffic
  • Social influence

Number of keywords in top search results over time

Referral traffic